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    Hi, I’m Erin Williams and my goal is to help you reach your goals!

    I am excited to learn about you, your family, your business and your needs. I want to be an invaluable resource to you, your family, friends, and neighbors by serving you and helping you find your way through your Business or Immigration journey. And please know this, I don’t want it to be a single interaction. I want to build on our initial interaction and become your trusted advisor as someone you can count on throughout life.

    I approach every individual, family, and business with true compassion and determination for working with you to find your solution, providing you with the education and options you need for you to make your best choice, and creating the best path forward for you.

    I have been given the opportunity to work with and educate people in areas of their lives that are complex and challenging. I am able to serve my clients and be there whenever they have issues. I have a long-standing client, who has also become a friend, that calls often seeking advice and guidance in many areas of his business, about his immigration situation, and his estate planning needs. Because of how I have structured my law firm, I am able to serve him (and YOU) when he needs it, without hourly billing, and most importantly to both of us, with a real understanding of what is important to him – personally and in his business.

    As the founder and principal of Landmark Immigration & Estates Law, I, and my staff, look forward to showing you how we are different. We are here to provide creative and ambitious solutions to help individuals, families, and businesses with their immigration and business needs. Whether you are navigating your immigration needs, already in business, or just starting up, I am here to see that you have what you need now and in the future.

    So, what are you waiting for? Please reach out – Click the “Schedule an Appointment” to set a free 15 minute call with me, or just give me a call, text, email, or simply click “Contact Us” above so we can start building your future!

    Let’s connect to see how I can serve you today!

Let's Work Together!

From the very beginning, our goal is to get to know you, your situation, your goals, your case completely, and be sure that you truly understand what is going on and what you can do next.

It doesn't matter if you are starting from the beginning, need help from the middle, don't want to attend your interview alone, have received a request for evidence or even a denial, we want to partner with you and provide you the information that you need, what options are available for your case and your budget. We want you to leave with information, or even better: a plan that you have helped develop that will work for you and your goals.

We walk you through each step that you need to take, taking care of all that we can to make your process as easy as possible. We remain in contact with you throughout and are often lucky enough to stay in touch after! Our clients are more than just clients, they are our friends.

We offer innovative advice, flat fee pricing where approrpriate and payment arrangements so that you can always afford to have the legal representation and help that you need!

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