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Family-sponsored Permanent Residency

Foreign national individuals may immigrate to the U.S. based on their relationship to a current U.S. citizen or permanent resident (Green card holder).

U.S. citizens can sponsor their children, spouses, fiancee/fiance, parents, and siblings. The relationship to the U.S. citizxen must be documented for the government to approve the petition. U.S. citizen petitions for immediate relatives, their spouses and unmarried children, are unlimited and immediately available upon approval. Other relative petitions have limited numbers of visas available and the wait to receive permanent residince can take many years.

Permanent residents can sponsor their spouses and children. The relationship to the permanent resident must be documented for the government to approve the petition. These visas are released in limited numbers each year and there are generally waiting periods to be eligible to receive these visas.

Depending upon the country of origin of the foreign relative and the category through which they will apply, there are multiple steps to facilitate the approval, issuance, and receipt of permanent residnence by the foreign national.

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